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The Difference Between Hemp and Linen Fibres

The Difference Between Hemp And Linen Fibers

Hemp and Linen are two natural fibres that have been around for a long time. And they are practically interchangeable. In fact, they resemble each other so much that you cannot tell the difference with your naked eye and touch; you need a high-performance microscope to detect the difference. This article will help you understand […]

Slow Fashion And Why It Matters

Slow fashion and why it matters

Do you ever wonder where your clothes come from and go? If you think about the lifeline of one piece of your clothing, it will usually look like this. Somewhere in a rural, faraway place, farmers grow and harvest the crop that your clothing material comes from. They spend months watering the plants, keeping them […]

What is Conscious Fashion?

What is conscious fashion

Fashion is one of the most exploitative industries on the planet. This $2.5 trillion dollar industry has seen tremendous growth over the last decades, just as it has grown up to produce 10% of humanity’s carbon emissions. According to UNECE, 2018, 85% of all textiles go to the dump each year.  It is also the […]

How Is Hemp Processed To Make Bags?

How is hemp processed to make bags

Various sources of natural fabrics such as cotton, wool, and silk have grave implications on the environment during cultivation, production, and disposal. Hemp is a great alternative to these fabrics. It is often considered to be the most sustainable fabric. Its high yield, low water footprint, durability, resistance, and unspoiled processing practices are the reasons […]

Why Choose Hemp Bags?

Why choose hemp bagpacks

Bags are a must-have utility for everyone. While going to school/college, casually shopping, going on trips to long vacations; bags are a must to carry your essentials. The type of bag you need depends upon your need and requirements. After all, there are bags for every occasion. But how do you choose the material? From […]