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5 Reasons To Buy From a Fair-Trade Shop

05 Reasons to buy from a fair trade shop (1)

Fair Trade is a system of certification. It aims to provide job security, better wages, and rewards to marginalized and underprivileged farmers and artisans for their hard work and labour. It ensures workers’ rights, safer working conditions, and fairer pay. For consumers and supply companies, it means high-quality, ethically produced products. All in all, Fair […]

How You Can Support Fair Trade in Nepal

How you can support fair trade in Nepal (1)

You may have heard the term “Fair Trade” when purchasing something one time or another. And it isn’t the only label out there. As the world strives for more environmentally, economically, and socially ethical and conscious products, it can be a bit challenging to keep up with the different certifications and labels. But since it […]

What is Fair Trade and Why is it necessary?


Conventional trade is not as sustainable as we want it to be. When you trace back the roots of a ‘handmade’ or ‘local’ product, like herbal tea, you can see how local producers and sellers don’t get their fair share of the profit from the products. Companies buy products from local producers and artisans in […]