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What is Folk Art?

What is folk art

The various kinds of media people use to express their feelings, emotions, and ideas are considered art. Similarly, folk art is an expression of the world’s traditional cultures. It is rooted in the traditions of the community and culture it comes from and expresses cultural identity by conveying shared community values and aesthetics. It encompasses […]

Why Folk Art Paintings Of Mithila Need To Be Promoted

Why folk art paintings of mithila need to be promoted

The art form of folk art is associated with the common man who makes it. It relates to a particular society, caste, and religion and is practised as a ritual by a group within the periphery of the society. But the geographical and cultural factors of Mithila did not assist in creative activities. As a […]

What Is The Historical Significance Of Mithila Art

What is the historical significance of Mithila Art

Overview: Mithila, a region in the mid-west of Nepal and the state of Bihar in northern India has an important tradition of knowledge in the form of paintings. Mithila paintings (also known as Madhubani paintings) have been practised by the women of the region through the centuries and today it is considered as a living […]

A Guide To Mithila Art

A guide to Mithila Art

Mithila is a form of folk art traditionally practised by women in the Mithila regions of Nepal and India. Mithila, the Maithili-speaking territory in Mid-west Nepal and some places in Bihar, India, was a very highly educated country thousands of years ago. The origin of Mithila art is rooted in the legend of King Janak […]