Why Choose Hemp Bags?

Why choose hemp bagpacks

Bags are a must-have utility for everyone. While going to school/college, casually shopping, going on trips to long vacations; bags are a must to carry your essentials. The type of bag you need depends upon your need and requirements. After all, there are bags for every occasion. But how do you choose the material? From several choices, how do you select the one that meets your needs? This is where we plug in hemp bags over anything else. They provide advantages that no other type of bags offer, are strong, durable, and environmentally friendly. As you read further, we will tell you the benefits of hemp bags that make them worth considering to buy. 

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Mini Hemp Rainbow Backpack

First, what is hemp?

Hemp is a distinct variety of plant species Cannabis sativa. Hemp fabric is a type of textile made using fibres from the stalk of this plant. It is the strongest, longest, and most durable fabric known to mankind. The plant can grow anywhere from 1.2 to 4.5 meters (4-15 ft) in height and around 2 cm (0.75 inches) in diameter. It is recognized for its extraordinarily tensile and durable textile fibres as well as an immensely beneficial crop. Originated in Central Asia, hemp from the Himalayan regions of Nepal is widely used in making sustainable and eco-friendly clothing. Hemp is one of the leading fabrics in the handmade clothing industry in Nepal.

The Nepali word for fabrics made from hemp stem fibre is ‘Bhangra’. Nepali Bhangra is a high-quality fabric. It is how these fabrics are made that makes them much more popular and ethical among fashion-conscious people.  Its high absorbability and durability make it a great substance to make bags, towels, blankets, and duvets with. Pair it with how sustainable, eco-friendly, and biodegradable is, and you get the best of both worlds.

Why should you choose hemp bags and other hemp products?

  1. Eco-friendly choice

Fashion is one of the most exploitative industries on the planet. This $2.5 trillion dollar industry has seen tremendous growth over the last decades, just as it has grown up to produce 10% of humanity’s carbon emissions. According to UNECE, 2018, 85% of all textiles go to the dump each year.  It is also the second-highest user of water worldwide. Washing clothes sends a significant amount of microplastics into the ocean. Fashion production dries up water sources, pollutes rivers and streams. And as conscious fashion conversations become more popular, people are starting to recognize more eco-friendly alternatives to already existing ones. In clothing and fashion, one such alternative to conventional fabrics is hemp. Hemp bags are known for being strong, durable, and most importantly sustainable.

Hemp is also one of the least waste-producing fabrics. During fibre processing, the core fibre is saved and usually used to make paper, horse bedding, or construction materials. Even the dirt and small chips of the core are used as a high nutrient soil additive. 

100% hemp products are fully compostable and bio-degradable. Where it takes an average plastic bottle roughly 450 years to decompose, hemp products are decomposed in 6 months in the proper environment. They cause no pollution since they emit no CO2. The hemp plant is capable of capturing CO2 and turning it into oxygen. Hemp is also a non-water-intensive crop which makes it a more sustainable choice than cotton. Furthermore, hemp fibre is ten times stronger than cotton.

  1. Weather-resistant

When picking a bag, you have to look for something that will be of use in all weather and outdoor conditions. Cotton and polyester bags aren’t very promising in this regard. Hemp is a great choice as it is UV and mould-resistant. Hemp naturally filters UV light and protects your essentials inside, as well as your skin.

  1. Anti-bacterial

Hemp is also mould-resistant. Because of its antibacterial properties, it inhibits the growth and spread of bacteria. It breathes excellently, preventing foul odours. Your bag will smell and look fresh no matter what severe weather conditions it has been exposed to. And this makes hemp bags last longer.

  1. Organic and environmentally friendly

When you understand how hemp is processed to make bags, from sowing, harvesting, and manufacturing, it is organic and eco-friendly at all stages. Since hemp is a weed that grows wild, it requires less water than other materials. It also naturally repels pests and unwanted weeds, so there is no need for pesticides to grow hemp. 100% hemp products are fully compostable and bio-degradable. Where it takes an average plastic bottle roughly 450 years to decompose, hemp products are decomposed in 6 months in the proper environment. Hemp is also a non-water-intensive crop which makes it a more sustainable choice than cotton. Furthermore, hemp fibre is ten times stronger than cotton.

Harvesting hemp fibre is also an almost wasteless process. The roots aren’t damaged and all other plant parts are used to make paper, textiles, and agriculture. Hemp bags are also made locally in rural areas by skilled workers. So, they are 100% organic, eco-friendly, and sustainable.

  1. Affordable

Hemp is a low-maintenance plant. Growing hemp doesn’t require many resources and land area. The production of fibre is also fast with minimal growth requirements. So, the end product is developed without much capital. This results in hemp bags being available at a much lower cost than bags of other materials.

  1. Multipurpose bags

Hemp bags are available to suit a variety of purposes. From simple tote bags to hard laptop cases or briefcases made of hemp composites, small coin purses, large bags, they are very functional and multi-purpose. We stand by the statement that there is a hemp bag for every occasion.

Mini Hemp Rainbow Backpack
  1. Strong and durable

Hemp is regarded as the plant with the strongest natural fibre since a long time ago. It has three times the durability and five times the tensile strength of cotton. Single hemp fibre can be as long as the plant itself, which accounts for its incredible strength and durability. Unlike hemp is cotton, is made by spinning together many small fibres to make a yarn, so it is not as durable as hemp. This means that hemp bags are a lot less likely to fray and develop holes than cotton bags.

  1. Attractive

Hemp bags are minimalistic as any other backpack. Gone are the days when they were viewed as hippy, geeky bags with cannabis leaves on them. There are many professional-looking, subtle, and attractive bags that you can use to show your drive to be environmentally conscious.

Bags endure a lot more wear and tear than you can imagine. There are numerous ways bags can wear out, from being overpacked to contact with abrasive surfaces, to repeated strain on the bag by simply carrying the bag loaded with stuff. So investing in a bag that will last you longer and will not harm the environment even upon throwing away is crucial. The carbon footprint from producing and disposing of new materials is enormous. So, we should buy reuse the items we already have or at least buy items that reduce our impact on the planet. 

Hemp is the best solution to this. Hemp bags are fashionable, long-lasting, organic, eco-friendly, affordable, biodegradable, and the list of the benefits goes on. In Nepal, hemp is quickly becoming leading the sustainable fashion industry. All items made of hemp support skilled workers in rural areas and alleviate poverty. So, by buying hemp bags and other items, you are doing good for the planet, other people, as well as yourselves. 

Himalayan Merchandise offers you a lot of options in hemp bags and other hemp apparel. So, you can buy sustainable fashion with ease.

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