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Handmade Vs Commercial Soap- Which Is Better

Hand Made vs commercial

A large majority of people have never used handmade soap in their lives. More surprisingly, some haven’t even used soap. That is because most ‘soaps’ in the stores aren’t even soap. They are harsh chemical detergents that might wash off the dust from your body but will also strip moisture from it. Not only are […]

Why You Should Cruelty-Free Soaps

Why you shoukd use cruelty free soaps

Today people are more aware of the products they consume and the ingredients these products use. And rightfully so. As consumers, we have a right to know how a product we use in daily life is made and whether or not it is healthy. It is also our duty to check if these products are […]

10 Benefits of Using Natural Handmade Soap

10 benefits of using natural handmade soap

Soap is something that almost every person uses, several times a day in most cases. It is a primary tool for cleaning and preventing the transmission of some bacterial and viral diseases. The word ‘soap’ is used for all varieties of skin cleansers, solid, liquid, or even powder. Within these categories, there are various colours, […]

Why Handmade Soap Is Good For The Skin And The Soul

Why handmade soap is good for the skin and the soul

Natural and handmade soaps are quickly gaining popularity over the years. Now, more people realize their benefits over typical, mass-produced industrial soaps. But, you may be thinking, soap is soap. What difference does it make if it is handmade or manufactured in industries? The answer is a lot. Handmade soaps made with natural ingredients are […]