How are Incense Sticks Made?

Incense is aromatic biotic material that releases fragrant smoke when burnt. Most people are familiar with agarbatti sticks used widely in South Asian regions, especially Nepal and India. It is widely popular in Hindu and Buddhist religions, but also plays a vital part in ancient Judaism, Roman/Catholic churches, and Islamic cultures. It comes in sticks, […]

Handmade Vs Machine-made Singing Bowls

Singing bowls have become very popular these days. The demand for singing bowls is growing rapidly in the market. They are easy to find, use, and are unique in designs and functions. The singing bowl comes with a mallet and a cushion. The mallet is used to play the bowl and the cushion is to […]

Slow Fashion And Why It Matters

Do you ever wonder where your clothes come from and go? If you think about the lifeline of one piece of your clothing, it will usually look like this. Somewhere in a rural, faraway place, farmers grow and harvest the crop that your clothing material comes from. They spend months watering the plants, keeping them […]

10 Benefits of Using Natural Handmade Soap

Soap is something that almost every person uses, several times a day in most cases. It is a primary tool for cleaning and preventing the transmission of some bacterial and viral diseases. The word ‘soap’ is used for all varieties of skin cleansers, solid, liquid, or even powder. Within these categories, there are various colours, […]

What Is The Historical Significance Of Mithila Art

Overview: Mithila, a region in the mid-west of Nepal and the state of Bihar in northern India has an important tradition of knowledge in the form of paintings. Mithila paintings (also known as Madhubani paintings) have been practised by the women of the region through the centuries and today it is considered as a living […]

Sound Healing Using Tibetan Singing Bowls

From ancient times, people used singing bowls for their deep and pleasant sound and rich vibrations. When a wooden rim is rubbed in a circular motion around the rim of the bowl, it creates a soothing sound that lingers long after it stops playing. They are believed to have many health benefits and also assist […]

What is Conscious Fashion?

Fashion is one of the most exploitative industries on the planet. This $2.5 trillion dollar industry has seen tremendous growth over the last decades, just as it has grown up to produce 10% of humanity’s carbon emissions. According to UNECE, 2018, 85% of all textiles go to the dump each year.  It is also the […]

Why Handmade Soap Is Good For The Skin And The Soul

Natural and handmade soaps are quickly gaining popularity over the years. Now, more people realize their benefits over typical, mass-produced industrial soaps. But, you may be thinking, soap is soap. What difference does it make if it is handmade or manufactured in industries? The answer is a lot. Handmade soaps made with natural ingredients are […]

How is Lokta Paper Made In Nepal?

Nepali Lokta paper is an eco-friendly paper handmade from the fibre of Lokta Bush (scientific name Danphe papyracea). The shrub grows at an altitude of 6500 ft or above on the southern slopes of the Himalayas. Lokta paper is fully sustainable and eco-friendly as only the inner bark of the Lokta bush is stripped away. […]

Challenges Faced By Artisans In Nepal

Nepal is known for its art and culture all over the world. We have a lot of potential in art, mainly handicraft items. Art and sculpting is the way for a lot of local artisans to earn a livelihood. It is a way to alleviate poverty, as well as to promote our culture and tradition. […]