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Challenges Faced By Artisans In Nepal

Challenges faced by artisans in Nepal

Nepal is known for its art and culture all over the world. We have a lot of potential in art, mainly handicraft items. Art and sculpting is the way for a lot of local artisans to earn a livelihood. It is a way to alleviate poverty, as well as to promote our culture and tradition. […]

Products Made in Nepal and Why They Matter

Products made in Nepal and why they matter

It is no secret that most of the damage done to our global ecosystem and our economic system sources from the cooperative and manufacturing levels. Whether it’s an unimaginable amount of pollution created, driving people out of employment with innovative technology, or increasing sales at the expense of workers, we are a flawed system and […]

A Guide To Mithila Art

Mithila is a form of folk art traditionally practised by women in the Mithila regions of Nepal and India. Mithila, the Maithili-speaking territory in Mid-west Nepal and some places in Bihar, India, was a very highly educated country thousands of years ago. The origin of Mithila art is rooted in the legend of King Janak […]