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Why Folk Art Paintings Of Mithila Need To Be Promoted

Why folk art paintings of Mithila need to be promoted scaled

The art form of folk art is associated with the common man who makes it. It relates to a particular society, caste, and religion and is practised as a ritual by a group within the periphery of the society. But the geographical and cultural factors of Mithila did not assist in creative activities. As a […]

What Is The Historical Significance Of Mithila Art

What is the historical significance of Mithila Art  scaled

Overview: Mithila, a region in the mid-west of Nepal and the state of Bihar in northern India has an important tradition of knowledge in the form of paintings. Mithila paintings (also known as Madhubani paintings) have been practised by the women of the region through the centuries and today it is considered as a living […]