Full Gold Plated Copper Green Tara Statue

    $ 300.00

    Discover a masterpiece of Buddhist art and craftsmanship with this Full Gold-Plated Copper Green Tara Statue from the heritage-rich region of Patan, Nepal. This remarkable statue is not only a testament to the region’s artistic mastery, devotion, and thriving cultural heritage but also serves as an object of devotion, an aid to meditation, and a reminder of the teachings and qualities represented by the depicted deity, Green Tara.

    Renowned for its metal casting and traditional sculpting techniques, Patan is a hub of artisanal excellence, where skills are passed down through generations. Our artisans, inheriting this rich tradition, ensure meticulous attention to detail and a high level of expertise in crafting each statue, bringing out the finest details of Green Tara’s features, attire, and symbolic attributes.


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    Full Gold Plated Copper Green Tara Statue