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What is a Shaligram?

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A Shaligram is a special type of black rock found in the Kali Gandaki river valley of Mustang in Nepal. The place is usually known as the Shaligramkshetra or Muktikshetra (meaning ‘Shaligram area’). According to Hinduism and Vaishnavism, Shaligram is Lord Vishnu himself in the form of a stone. This stone is also sacred to […]

What is the religious significance of Shaligram?

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For more than two thousand years, Shaligram Shila has been an integral part of Hindu ritual practice in Nepal and the Indian subcontinent. In fact, Shaligram Shila is sacred to Vaishnavas (especially those who worship Lord  Krishna), Hindus, and other Vishnu Bhakta all over the world. Devotees believe that Sahligram Shila is Lord Vishnu himself […]