Pure Hemp Guitar Bag

$ 80.00

Pure Hemp Guitar Bag
Pure Hemp Guitar Bag

Pure Hemp Guitar Bag with Zip fastening, side and back straps and additional pockets.

This hemp guitar case is part of our 100% THC free Hemp products. This unique case is classy but fun and features a gorgeous design. Every case is individually designed and handmade and features a unique combination of fabrics and motif.

The case is super strong and padded throughout with chunky zip fastening and additional side handle. Each case is unique, handmade and beautiful! It is made from 100% pure hand-woven hemp fabric that makes it 100% organic and eco-friendly.

Note: The size guide (Product Dimensions)  is made available in the product gallery image. 

  • Each item is handmade and unique on its own.
  • The colour and designs might vary a little due to the handmade nature.
  • This case gets softer to touch as you use it more, yet it retains its durability.
  • Eco-Friendly Product
  • Handmade in Nepal

Off White, Wine Pink


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