Eco friendly round hobo hemp shoulder bag

$ 50.00

Eco friendly round hobo hemp shoulder bag
Eco friendly round hobo hemp shoulder bag

$ 50.00

Eco friendly round hobo hemp shoulder bag is a real bohemian beauty.

A cute and fashionable design perfect for everyday use, this contemporary handbag is an ideal present for you or your favourite, and can be used for hanging dried florals on display when not in use.It has a small compartment inside and it lies flat against the hip when worn as a crossbody. Constructed with expert attention to detail, it is extremely robust, durable and can carry a surprising about of things comfortably.

Handcrafted in Nepal from all 100% pure and natural hemp, this bag is also carrying your way to sustainability.

Please note that the product is handmade. As with all handcrafted work, it creates a slight variations in color, size and design.

Slight difference can be expected from one piece to another. Also, color discrepancies may occur between the product and your computer screen.

Eco friendly round hobo hemp shoulder bag is made of 100% Pure Hemp in Nepal.

  • Hemp does not require any pesticides, insecticides or fungicides to grow, giving birth to a 100% natural, recyclable and biodegradable fiber that represents an environmentally sound choice for the future of our planet.
  • Hemp fiber is a wonder of nature, being stronger than cotton, warmer than linen, more ecologically friendly than bamboo and a better absorbent than nylon.
  • Hemp fabric offers an admirable breathability, having – due to its porous nature – the distinctive capacity to naturally thermoregulate the body, thus keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter.
  • Hemp fabric is especially great for personal hygiene because it absorbs and releases perspiration quickly, keeping the body dry and preventing unwanted odours. This makes hemp clothes a reliable teammate for travellers and wanderers.
  • For those of you with a sensitive skin or susceptible to severe allergic reactions, hemp fabric gives you the eye, for it is a seductive sartorial remedy due to its non-irritating qualities and ability to handle a healthy relationship with any skin type.
  • Hemp fabric is great for personal health, being resistant to moths, insects, mites, mold, abrasions and salt water; basically, it never wears out.

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