Natural Pancha Buddha Incense

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$ 2.50

Natural Nepali Incense
Natural Pancha Buddha Incense

$ 2.50

“Pancha Buddhas” are so popular in Nepal that before you enter many houses belonging to Buddhist people, you will notice paintings of five Buddhas above the entrance. The Pancha Buddha’s incense is handmade from pure and highly flavoured natural herbs. It has a perfect combination of genuine aromatic herbs, like sandalwood, sai dhoop and hastanjali, etc. and many other herbs, used to draw wealth, admiration, and luxury into your life. 

This Incense is hand-rolled in Nepal with no animal extract and no artificial fragrances. It has a long-lasting aroma and is packed in handmade and hand-printed lokta paper, botanically known as Daphne Bhoula or Daphne papyracea.

It’s a perfect gift for people who practice yoga and meditation and is also good for aromatherapy and everyday air freshening.

*Minimum Order Quantity :5* 

1 review for Natural Pancha Buddha Incense

  1. Mark Moreno

    I had bought a pack of Pancha Buddha Incense while in Nepal and really liked it . I had a hard time finding it on stores in the States and finally found your website after 2 months . I love this fragrance and will be buying from you often ! Thank you for making this incense available, i truly appreciate it !

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