Sun and Moon Symbolic Handmade Lokta Paper Notebook

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Sun and Moon Symbolic Handmade Lokta Paper Notebook

Celestial bodies are important symbols in Nepal and they denote Nepal’s permanence and the hope that Nepal will enjoy the same longevity as the Sun and the Moon. Additionally, the stylized moon represents the calm demeanour and purity of spirit of the Nepali people, while the stylised sun represents their fierce resolve. Further, the moon also symbolizes the cool weather of the Himalayas and likewise, the sun symbolizes the heat and the high temperature of the Nepali lowlands.

This notebook is versatile with many potential uses including a memory journal, traveller journal for sketching and capturing those special moments!

Lokta Paper is a traditional Nepali craft going back thousands of years and is made from the Lokta or Daphne Bush, a wild shrub that grows wild in the Himalaya at altitudes of 5,000 – 13,000 ft where little else grows. It produces a fine-textured paper that is valued for it’s strength, durability and resistance to being eaten by insects.  In fact, historically Royal Decrees and Religious Texts were written on Lokta Paper and is said to last for over 1,000 years!

Our Lokta Paper is made in the traditional way in the remote villages of Nepal. Our handmade paper products are unique and make excellent gifts! Lokta Paper has numerous benefits, some of which are mentioned here.


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