Organic Cotton

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Organic cotton is grown using methods and materials that have a low impact on the environment as researches say that buying an Organic Cotton apparel rather than an ordinary one would save a staggering 2,457 litres of water – enough for one person to drink eight glasses of water a day for three and a half years.

Besides, by “Organic”, we mean to say our cotton is – grown in the wilds of Nepal until it is handpicked, hand-processed, and hand-prepared.

No chemicals or dyes are used in the manufacturing process.Our products Sustainable, Conscious, Highly breathable, Hypoallergenic, Anti-fungal and perfect for people who prefer a plastic-free, waste-free, chemical-free, biodegradable, plant-based lifestyle.

Our business model also seeks to support the sustainable growth of this traditional industry in the Himalayas so it’s not just the environment that gets benefitted but also the local farmers and artisans who get to sustain their livelihood through the income.

Please note that these products are handmade and most of them are dyed using natural dyes. As with all handcrafted work, it creates a slight variations in color, size and design. Slight difference can be expected from one piece to another. Also, color discrepancies may occur between the product and your computer screen.

To make a greener world, choose organic when you buy new!