Products Made in Nepal and Why They Matter

It is no secret that most of the damage done to our global ecosystem and our economic system sources from the cooperative and manufacturing levels. Whether it’s an unimaginable amount of pollution created, driving people out of employment with innovative technology, or increasing sales at the expense of workers, we are a flawed system and it is only right for us as global citizens to ponder a little more where our money is going. 

Nepal, too, is a growing marketplace with soaring consumer demand. In this state, the unethically and unsustainably made goods sold at a mouth-watering price to us is the reason why local businesses go bankrupt and our economy is dependent on bulk imports from abroad. 

When you trace back the origins of most of the products sold in the busy streets of Kathmandu, they are unethically produced from our surrounding nations in a cheap labour selling manner. Sure, cheaper items are appealing to most of us, but we really have to think about the wages paid to the workers when the products are marked so low. We have many choices to pick from and bargain for, but it’s important that we make an ethical choice every once in a while.

With imports reaching an all-time high, we are far from being self-sustained. However, what we do have in abundance is diverse natural and geographical resources. We are rich in herbs and plants. And gradually, the export market is rising with an increase in demand for carpets, textile, tea, traditional art and designs, incense, papers, hemp fabric, etc. 

Moreover, the growing fashion revolution in Nepal has made us all aware of our potential. We are obliged to support Nepali brands and products to promote durable and sustainable items all the while giving employment opportunities to people across the country. Using authentic and sustainable products might be a shallow trend, but if it requires approval on social media to promote sustainability, so be it.

Buying ethically becomes so much easier if you live in cities where government subsidiaries and local organisations are providing a place for Nepali products to shine. 

Himalayan Merchandise is a such, growing marketplace that aims to promote and sell Nepali gifts, merchandise and exclusive goods and products that are designed and handcrafted in and speak for Nepal. 

The products available here range from Mad Honey, Natural Incense, Cruelty-Free Natural Soap, Lokta Paper Handicrafts, Mithila and Mandala art, Himalayan Coffee, Stamp and Coin Collections and other locally made souvenirs. This is a perfect place to start buying locally and ethically. With our online presence, you don’t have to spend time hunting for a place that is ‘Made in Nepal’.

The items available are great souvenirs to have for yourself or to give to others. We ship internationally and right to your doorstep no matter where you live on the globe. Make Himalayan Merchandise your no-brainer site when looking to shop Nepali local products.

We have to start somewhere to reach a goal. Just like that, Himalayan Merchandise is the beginning of our journey to a self-sustaining country with exports with a big local marketplace not just inside but also outside the country.