How To Buy Nepal-Made Products In Bulk

Products made in Nepal are known for their local essence and cultural importance. They have a huge demand in the international marketplace. 

The products made from our abundant herbs are used for ayurvedic or medicinal purposes. 

The luxurious and delicate products made from Pashmina, bamboo and hemp fibres like clothing, bags, purses, shawls and even shoes are also popular all over the world. They are also desirable for gifting purposes.

The hand-made jewellery of stones, beads and Rudraksha is also admired for how beautiful and well crafted they are. 

Traditional paper products, organic soaps and incense in different flavours and scents are unlike those found anywhere else in the world. 

The Buddhist prayer flags and wheels are famous among pilgrims. Similarly, singing bowls are used for healing the body, mind and soul. The traditional Thangkas and folk art variations are also in huge demand. 

All of these products are exported in bulk every day to different parts of the world. People buy them to decorate their homes or add to their antique collections as well as to give to others. 

Because of the ever-growing demand for Nepali products, many sellers forge this art and crafts and sell them at a low price to appeal to people. This only devalues our authentic and original products and drives locals out of employment. 

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Himalayan Merchandise

At Himalayan Merchandise, we promote and sell gifts, merchandise and exclusive goods from local artists and crafters. We have a growing catalogue with unique and legitimate products of premium quality made by skilled and hardworking artisans from Nepal.

Our goal is to lead the Nepali marketplace all over the world and in turn provide a source of steady income to the local crafters.

Our website contains a comprehensive list of details about products in our collection. You can also find us on our social media to get updated on any new addition. 

Shipping a large number of products contributes to our skilled artisans. So, if you are a trader or seller looking to buy products made in Nepal in bulk, we encourage you to get in touch with us. 

Our service is safe and credible and we deliver all over the world.

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